Welcome to the team, Tyana Davis-Bellot!
Tyana joins LRL as our new Human Resources Generalist, a position that reflects our continued growth and the expanding number of staff we now have in the business.
With a solid career so far in varying sectors such as finance, retail and hospitality, Tyana has already begun to make business plans that build upon our company culture and boost cooperation between departments.  
Tyana is actively engaging with our office and site teams by listening to feedback and hopes to bring her own fresh ideas along to an industry that is often viewed as lagging on this front.
Not so long-ago Tyana had presented on both radio and TV in London for a local channel, Barnet TV and also enjoys DJing when she gets the chance! The jury is still out as to whether LRL will adopt its own TV channel, but we certainly have the expertise now!
Good luck in your new role, Tyana it’s great to have you on board.

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