LRL are proud to announce today that we have joined the Act4Africa 250 Club.

Act4Africa is a fantastic charity that helps vulnerable communities in Uganda. Their main efforts are focused on ‘’tackling gender inequality and its consequences on the lives of women, girls and their families and communities’’.

Founded in the year 2000, when HIV/AIDS infections were at their height in Uganda, the team began by educating and informing communities about the stigma surrounding the disease. Fast forward twenty-three years and the charity has had a massive impact in helping transform the lives of people in the region.

Please read more about the charity’s work and consider donating yourself

  • £3 – will pay for an air tight bag to keep grain safe from insectsAct4Africa (600 × 481px).jpg
  • £6 – will pay for a day’s childcare for a Strong Mothers programme participant
  • £12 – will provide daily breakfasts for 20 children
  • £50 – will provide seed funding for one Strong Mother to set up her own enterprise
  • £60 – will fund 10 weeks skills training for one Strong Mother
  • £300 – will fund a full training programme for one Strong Mother                       
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