Cold Applied Liquid Roofing

Cold applied liquid roofing systems have a proven track record going back over 50 years.

They are a flexible, versatile and adaptable method of waterproofing a roof and are cold applied therefore reducing health and safety risks such as fire.

Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, this solution can be applied onto a wide range of surfaces including but not limited to metal, Single ply membranes, asphalt felt and more. This solution can be a highly economical option when there is no requirement to remove the existing roof.

Liquid systems can also be installed to incorporate a bespoke insulation scheme adding the benefits of a thermal performance upgrade to your building.

Various liquid systems are available with full labour and material backed guarantees ensuring that your roof remains watertight for up to 25 years.



Features & Benefits

  • Versatile
  • Cold applied (zero flame)
  • Low odour options
  • Fast curing
  • Can be BBA certified
  • Multiple price points
  • Up to 30 years single point guarantee

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