We'd like to congratulate Laura Denwood on her recent promotion to 'Project Coordinator'!

Laura joined LRL during a turbulent April 2020 as our 'Office Manager'. Since then, Laura has successfully managed a busy office relocation, overseen the challenging ISO 9001 accreditation process, and headed up the demanding administration of a fast-growing company, implementing many new and up to date processes along the way.

Laura's position has progressed organically to where she is now, owing to her excellent commitment in ensuring the company is streamlined both on, and off site. Laura has recently built a fantastic working relationship with the Contracts side of the business and steps enthusiastically into her new role as a people person and someone with an eye for detail.

Everyone at LRL would like to offer our best wishes to Laura in her new role for what has been a difficult year for her personally. Well done Laura! 

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