7064ft, 24 miles, less than 12 hours from start to finish - challenge completed, we did it!

LRL are thrilled to announce that the team has successfully completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge on 22nd June 2024. Our dedicated team covered 24 miles and ascended a total of 7,064 feet, all within an impressive time of under twelve hours. Ibuprofen, long baths and after sun were the required medicine on Saturday night as the team finally made it home after a gruelling day in the heat. 

Starting the day at 6:30am, the group met in Horton in Ribblesdale, eagerly fueling up on protein bars and coffee. They took the time to stretch out the key muscles that would bear the brunt of the hike, ensuring they were well-prepared for the challenge ahead.

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The atmosphere was cheerful as the team set out towards Pen-y-ghent, the first peak. They were joined by many other hikers, all aiming to complete the challenge on the same day. A tour guide remarked that Saturday, June 22nd, was the “busiest day” she had seen in the “30 or so guides she had conducted.”

After a steep climb to the top of Pen-y-ghent, a ten mile hike towards the next peak, Whernside, awaited. So far, so good. While the distance between the two peaks was mostly flat, the sun was nearing its midday height and started to become a factor. Thankfully, the team was fully stocked on provisions, and a couple of hours later had all scaled to the top of Whernside. 

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What goes up must come down, and down they came. By now, all muscle groups were engaged as the rocky terrain took its toll, resulting in a few bruised toenails and the occasional blister. In the distance, Ingleborough peak loomed tall, marking the final and tallest challenge of the hike. 

A quick pit stop at the foot of the peak allowed the team some time for vital supplements, consisting mainly of chocolate, flapjacks, and energy drinks—the essentials for powering through the final stretch.

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By now, each step was becoming more challenging, but the team’s determination to reach the summit remained unwavering. Those with the foresight to bring walking poles generously shared them, helping to alleviate the pressure on everyone’s feet. With the goal of capturing a group photo at the top, they persevered and made it to the summit together as a united team.

The most mentally challenging part of the hike came after descending Ingleborough. Although the car park was only four miles away, it felt like an arduous ten as fatigue set in. Despite this, everyone completed the hike in under twelve hours and proudly celebrated their achievements. The overwhelming thought at the end was, “never again.” 

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A Heartfelt Thank You

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who gave generously in aid of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity. Your support means a great deal to those in need within the construction industry. Your contributions have truly made a difference.

Fundraising Success

We are proud to announce that we raised a total of £2,660! This amount will go a long way in helping individuals at risk of homelessness, those facing domestic abuse, and people dealing with health challenges. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will have a significant impact on many lives. To read some of the inspiring stories about the people they have helped, visit The Lighthouse Club's website.

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