Kellogg's Building

Kellogg's Building

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Cold Applied Liquid Plastic
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Kellogg’s Head Office overlooks Old Trafford Cricket Stadium in Manchester.

Having previously completed Phases 1 & 2, Liquid Roofing Ltd were awarded Phase 3 of the re-roofing of the building.

The original roof of the Kellogg’s building is inverted or upside down. This means the waterproof membrane is applied directly to the roof deck with the insulation being loose laid on top, with ballast holding it in place.

The hidden waterproof membrane (in this instance asphalt) had failed but Kellogg’s were keen to keep the roof inverted as the insulation and ballast protect the waterproof membrane from foot traffic.

Liquid Roofing Ltd removed the existing ballast and set aside for re-use. Sika Liquid Plastics liquid applied membrane was then applied directly to the failed asphalt and new insulation was installed held in place with the original ballast.

The roof is covered by a comprehensive guarantee covering labour and materials for 25 years. 

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