Great Newton House

Great Newton House

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Single Ply
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Environmental factors - birds

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13 different roof areas

Great Newton House is a student accommodation building situated in the heart of the busy university campus in Liverpool operated by iQ Student Accommodation. The original EPDM roof covering was nearing the end of its lifespan, having received various patch repairs over the years. There were numerous instances of ponding and blistering on an earlier liquid overlay. As such we were tasked with overlaying all roof areas to modern standards in time for the student’s return.

One of the challenges in installing the new Thermofol system was due to the fact that the old EPDM system was to be overlaid. The fixings required to install the overlay system were significantly longer than would be required to install to an existing or new deck. Keeping the fixings perpendicular to the roof proved complex as the roof was mono-pitched. It took great deal of competent workmanship from our operatives to achieve the desired results. The fixings penetrated a depth of 120mm through the insulation as well as the original system.

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